Acapulco Lips, wimps, Killer Ghost

July 4th, 2014

The Castle

Belltown, Seattle, WA

Inspired by The Beatles, the best band of all time, I'd long dreamed of hosting a concert on a rooftop, and recently realized I needed to make it one of my greatest creative goals of 2014. My current home, The Castle in Belltown, felt like the right place, surrounded by gorgeous water and city scenery, and rife with just enough risk to make it extra exciting

After much secrecy and sorcery, an insane meeting of the minds occurred, and with a lot of help from my friends, my entire block and beyond was lit up with the sounds of three righteous, Seattle-based bands rocking out on the roof on the 4th of July. (Thank you wimpsAcapulco Lips, and Killer Ghost!!) 

There were stresses and literal sparks and sprinkles of rain and heaps of doubt, but my neighbors, landlord, colleagues, gal pals, and several rad musicians pulled it off. No one died, the cops were shockingly nice (if they hadn't shown up, we wouldn't have been properly honoring the Fab Four, of course), new friends were met, and America was made proud. 

In the words of The Beatles: "One sweet dream came true today!" 

Thank you all, and cheers!

Killer Ghost