Hello, Human!

Thank you for being here!  

I'm AJ — a writer, photographer, and zinemaker based in Seattle, Washington, USA.

My work focuses on civil rights, social action, and intersectionality — across the globe and throughout local art communities. 

My photography, news reporting, copywriting, poetry, artist interviews, concert reviews, and personal essays have been featured by the following businesses and publications: 


The Stranger

The Nature Conservancy


The Capitol Hill Times

Three Imaginary Girls

White Shroud




MoPOP: Museum of Pop Culture

Supernova: Grrrl Germs

Nada Mucho

The Drainage


Northwest Music Scene

The Seattle Times

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog

My photography, poetry, and zines have also been featured at the following events and art spaces: 

Papeachu Review Release Party - Vermillion Bar, January 2019

Assembly Literary Open Mic - Screwdriver Bar, September 2018

Believe The Hype - Poets Reading The News - B4bel4b Art Gallery, June 2017

Paulapalooza Music and Arts Fest - Capitol Hill Art Walk, May 2017

Unsolicited Dick Art Show - The In Arts Northwest, April 2016

The Body Art Show - The In Arts Northwest, March 2016

The Slummit Block Party - Summit Inn, February 2015

Aria Salon - Local Photography Exhibit, January 2015

The Highline - Concert and Art Show, December 2014


I strive to capture humanity and nature in all its grime and glory: communities of creators, social progress, curious creatures, and unforgettable characters.

Through actions and art, helping preserve these elements makes life worthwhile to me. 

If you're looking for a passionate contributor to your latest project, I'd love to work with you!

Please feel free to contact me via social media, or drop me a line here:  aj (at) digitalaj (dot) org.



AJ Dent