Interview with Nelson Heston Riley, aka Babe Of Belltown, 
Fashion Designer And Event Coordinator of Matchgame Re-Bar

Painting by Jill Lessig

Section 1:  YOU + SEATTLE =

How long have you been living in Seattle, and why?

since 1989. i had to get outta the small town fish bowl i was in.


What’s your favorite local dive bar and/or coffee shop, and what’s one of your strongest memories of being there?

The Turf (Ludis). I love the people watching, it's real life tv.


If you could commit one crime in Seattle and get away with it, what would it be?

choke a hippy with a plastic bag



How would you describe your passion in ten words or less?

Dreams. Ideas. Inspiration.

When did you realize you had to do this?

since I was a child my ideas aways set me apart/away from 99% of people. because I was an oddball I knew early on I had to make myself happy, creativity was that outlet.


Do you consider your art-making a spiritual activity?

more like therapy


Describe one specific moment when making art changed the rest of your life.

about 1978 when we lived on a hippy commune & in the summer all the kids put on this weird hippy variety show under my command. i would make everyone costumes outta foliage and random forest things, some lil plays, dance, puppet show & drum procession. when all the adults gave a standing ovation I knew I could do things that not only made me happy but others too.


Section 3:  THE STRUGGLE

How do you balance making art and making money?

making art sucks up all my $$$$


What do you think when I say the term “art school”?

gay republican? whaaaa??? I dont get it. Art history school makes more sense to me. "Art" isnt something you learn, either your creative or your not.


What is your definition of “success”?  



Section 4:  GOSSIP

If someone had to be under the influence of a substance while taking in your art, what would you recommend it should be?  What should it definitely NOT be?

any and or all mind altering substances including religion


How can people view more of your work or contact you?

3rd Sunday of the month Match Game Re-bar @ Re-bar


Who should I interview next?

Miss Anita Goodmann, Gary Gloryhole, Fashion designer Ramona Barnes



Thanks for all your wit and insight, Babe!  

Check out Babe's hilarious work by attending Match Game at Re-Bar!